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Hey babe, my name is Kassidy Marie Taglieri.I live in Massachusetts. Junior.Vans.Eminem.Mac Miller. BoYs.Sublime.Lana Del Rey. Beastie Boys.Weezer.Drugs

My Insta & Twitter is @KassidyTagsXoXo...

Snapchat & Kik is @CassidyTagsXoXo
Well on march 2013 I didn't exercise but just and some how I lost all that weight until march this year I stopped trying but stayed the same weight, ever since then I've weighed the same and a few days ago I decided to exercise, I've lost 788calories

great job I’m so proud of you and jealous (;

Oh and you're very pretty ! I'm glad I found a weight buddy.:)

aww thank you so much!

*accidentally showers for 5 hours*

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